Different Seasons Jewelry is collaborative jewelry and lapidary arts (gem cutting) studio. This family based business is extraordinary in their diversity of techniques, design styles and a remarkable broad range of skills within this group of artists. From the ground up, they build each piece with custom, one-of-a-kind gemstones cut or inlayed within their own lapidary studios by their lapidary/gemology expert Mark Anderson. Unique, intricate gem carvings are created by both Mark Anderson and Jessa's mother Martha Borzoni. Each design is drawn by hand by their Jessa Anderson, with a final high quality art rendering of each piece being offered to custom clients. One-of-a-kind hand carved wax models (not molds!) are used for jewelry cast in-house using the lost-wax casting method. They also create a large portion of their jewelry using traditional, old-school goldsmithing techniques such as hand engraving, intricate piercing using a jeweler's saw, soldering,etc..

Below are photos and/or videos of the Different Seasons team working with these various techniques.



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