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Our Gem Dinosaur Bone Inlay Ring Line.

Blue Gembone and Silver!

An exceptional example of gembone set in sterling silver.

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Gembone Ring Group Shot.

This listing will reserve an order for one custom gem dinosaur bone inlay ring in sterling silver, sizes 6- 10. Larger sizes will add additional cost due to the need for more metal, dinosaur bone and labor. We have a wide selection of dinosaur bone available for sterling silver ring orders. We have our gembone separated and graded into material available for sterling silver, gold and platinum. Some of the rarest gembone material is set aside for orders in gold and platinum. We will consider special requests to have our gold quality gembone set in silver. Fear not, our "Sterling" quality bone is still exceptional and beautiful gembone. This listing shows examples of the bone we use in our sterling silver rings. Each ring is unique and no two rings look exactly alike. Each wax model is carved by hand and cast-in-house.The quality of our work is guaranteed and made to last a lifetime!

*Approximate turn-around time for a sterling gembone inlay ring is 3 weeks. If you need a rush order please contact us and we will discuss it.

The quality of the fossilized dinosaur bone used in our jewelry is exceptional… it is some of the very best available. Our dinosaur bone is 100% natural and untreated gem grade bone collected legally from the Moab,Utah area. We have an extensive collection of top grade agatized gem dinosaur bone in a wide variety of colors and patterns for custom jewelry.

Collecting gem dinosaur bone is our specialty.. and our passion! We have a great deal of respect for this material. We do not use museum-quality intact vertebrae for our jewelry. We use broken specimens or smaller incomplete pieces of top quality bone. The complete and intact agatized fossils are part of our cherished gem dinosaur bone collection.

Priority Shipping with delivery conformation is included in the price of this listing.

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